"The Golden Horde” - First person single roleplay adventure game. You will find yourself in the center of political intrigues in the Mongol Empire of 1250. And it's only up to your will whether you help the oppressed Turks to throw off their invaders or lead a punitive Mongol expedition.
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    km2 of gameworld

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Turkic village
Authentic events of the 13th century of Central Asia, woven into the game history.
Sabers, bows, shields...
All the armaments fully correspond to the realities of those years.
76km2 of game world
Explore, fight, fall in love...live in the vastness of the steppe.
Concept arts of characters:
We work hard every day to make your adventure unique.
  • Combat System
    Dynamic battles with melee weapons, bows, horses and even environment elements are waiting for you.
  • Reputation
    Every choice your character makes will have consequences. You write your own story.
  • Fascinating story
    The game will take you through a series of events, conspiracies and betrayals. You will start as a simple shepherd and could end up as a Mongol warlord.
  • Expanded skills system
    Become a steppe hunter or a mighty warrior. The choice is yours.
  • The original horse development system
    The horse is the soul of the nomad. Any characteristics of the horse will complement your own.

We know how important it is not to forget about the little things. After all, every detail means as much as an exciting storyline or a convenient combat system.

So no matter what you pay attention to whether it's a vase, a chest, or the boots of a non-player character. You can be absolutely sure that our artists have given the entire environment their full attention.
In the middle of the 13th century the heat of passions around the power in Ulus is especially aggravated. The drunkard ruler Esu-Munke is not interested in power at all. His wife and vizier rule instead of him. Thus the high position is used recently deposed by the great former ruler Khan Khara-Khulagu, absolutely not going to live in a shadow. From what two great Mongolian clans operate in Ulus. Each of the clans craves more influence, forcing the Turkic nobility to choose one side, because of which the latter have to look for strong allies and enter into conspiracies. Sometimes both sides of the conflict have to pay. The whole Ulus is divided into zones of influence between Mongol families, but there are also disputed lands like Pakyr and Koshrabad, where the interests of both clans overlap. This is where the plot of the game starts.

Turkic village atmosphere
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Our team:
  • Mamadhanov Firdavs
    CEO, Game Director
  • Zaynutdinov Dmitri
    Creative Producer/Lead Game Designer
  • Turaev Bobur
    Lead 3D artist
  • Dunaevskiy Yaroslav
    Lead scriptwriter/Narrative designer
  • Nazar Balutin
    Lead Composer
  • Ivanov Nikita
    Lead Environmental artist
  • Ahmetova Vladislava
    Lead Character Artist
  • Ternovsky Daniel
    Lead Sound Designer
  • Gulevsky Constantin
    Lead Level Designer

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